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Promising Midfielder Set to Leave Inter Milan for Serie A Rivals

Rome, Italy. 11th May, 2024. Sana Fernandes (Lazio U19) and Ebenezer Akinsanmiro (Inter U19) during the match Lazio U19 vs Inter U19 33th day of Italian Football Championship Primavera 1 (Photo by Roberto Bettacchi/Pacific Press) Credit: Pacific Press Media Production Corp./Alamy Live News
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Sampdoria have bolstered their midfield with the signing of Ebenezer Akinsanmiro from Inter Milan. The young Nigerian midfielder aims to make a significant impact in Serie A with regular first-team football, while Inter Milan benefits financially from the transfer.

  • Sampdoria strengthens their midfield with Akinsanmiro’s signing.
  • Inter Milan gains financially but loses a promising talent.
  • Akinsanmiro seeks regular first-team football in Serie A.

Promising Talent from Inter Milan

Ebenezer Ajodun Akinsanmiro, a Nigerian central midfielder born on November 25, 2004, is making headlines with his transfer from Inter Milan to Sampdoria. Standing at 1.84 meters tall, Akinsanmiro has been a standout in the Inter Milan Primavera squad, where he has demonstrated his versatility by playing both central and attacking midfield roles. His contract with Inter Milan was set to expire on June 30, 2026, and he has a market value of €1.80 million as of June 25, 2024.

Career Highlights and Statistics

Akinsanmiro’s career statistics highlight his potential and promise:

  • Primavera 1 (Youth League): 37 appearances, 6 goals
  • Viareggio Cup: 7 appearances, 3 goals
  • NPFL (Nigerian Professional Football League): 4 appearances, 0 goals
  • Coppa Primavera: 4 appearances, 0 goals
  • Serie A: 1 appearance, 0 goals
  • Primavera Fase Finale: 1 appearance, 0 goals

Having joined Inter Milan Primavera on January 31, 2023, from Remo Stars in Nigeria, Akinsanmiro has made significant strides in his development, catching the attention of several clubs with his performances in youth competitions, such as the Viareggio Cup.

Transfer Context and Impact

Akinsanmiro’s move to Sampdoria is part of the club’s strategy to infuse young talent into their squad. This transfer is expected to provide Akinsanmiro with more first-team opportunities, which is crucial for his growth and career progression.

Impact on Sampdoria

  • Adds depth and versatility to the midfield.
  • Provides tactical flexibility with his ability to play central and attacking roles.
  • Potential to develop into a key player for the team.

Impact on Inter Milan

  • Financial gain from the transfer fee and potential sell-on clauses.
  • Loss of a promising young talent from their youth setup.

Additional Context

Akinsanmiro’s development at Inter Milan Primavera has been closely monitored, and his performances in youth competitions have highlighted his potential. Sampdoria’s acquisition of Akinsanmiro is seen as a strategic move to bolster their midfield options and provide a platform for the young talent to flourish in Serie A.

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This comprehensive report provides detailed information and context on Ebenezer Akinsanmiro, covering his statistics, previous transfers, and the impact of his move to Sampdoria.

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