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Versatile Left-Back Signs with Le Havre: What Impact Will He Bring?

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Yanis Zouaoui has officially signed with Le Havre, bringing his versatility and reliability to the team. The talented left-back is expected to make a significant impact in both midfield and defensive roles, showcasing his potential in upcoming seasons.

  • Yanis Zouaoui has signed with Le Havre.
  • He is known for his versatility in multiple midfield and defensive roles.
  • His past performances highlight his reliability and potential impact.

Yanis Zouaoui’s Career Overview

The transfer of Yanis Zouaoui to Le Havre has been confirmed, marking a significant step in the career of the talented left-back. Zouaoui, who was born on April 28, 1998, in Marseille, France, has dual citizenship with Algeria and stands at 1.83 meters tall. Known for his versatility on the field, he primarily plays as a left-back but is also proficient in left and right midfield positions. His preferred foot is his left, which has made him an asset in various tactical setups.

Before joining Le Havre, Zouaoui was with FC Martigues, where he signed on July 22, 2021. His contract with Martigues was set to expire on June 30, 2024, and his market value was estimated at €600,000 as of June 2024. The player is represented by S.O.M FOOTBALL.

Career Statistics and Impact

Yanis Zouaoui has accumulated impressive statistics throughout his career, underscoring his consistent performance and contribution on the pitch. Over 148 total appearances, he has scored 10 goals and provided 11 assists, playing a total of 11,850 minutes. His detailed statistics across various competitions are as follows:

  • Championnat National:
    • Appearances: 75
    • Goals: 6
    • Assists: 5
    • Minutes Played: 6,252
  • National 2 – Group A:
    • Appearances: 41
    • Goals: 2
    • Assists: 2
    • Minutes Played: 2,843
  • National 2 – Group C:
    • Appearances: 25
    • Goals: 3
    • Assists: 4
    • Minutes Played: 2,189
  • Coupe de France:
    • Appearances: 5
    • Goals: 0
    • Assists: 0
    • Minutes Played: 386
  • Liga 3 Play-Off:
    • Appearances: 2
    • Goals: 0
    • Assists: 0
    • Minutes Played: 180

Zouaoui’s ability to adapt to different roles on the field makes him a valuable addition to Le Havre. His consistent performance in both the Championnat National and National 2 leagues showcases his defensive and offensive capabilities.

Transfer and Future Prospects

The transfer details from FC Martigues to Le Havre have not been disclosed, but this move signals a new chapter for Zouaoui. His previous club, FC Martigues, has benefited from his defensive skills and versatility, and Le Havre is expected to capitalize on these attributes as they aim for success in upcoming seasons.

Le Havre’s official announcement on Twitter, celebrating Zouaoui’s signing, has generated excitement among fans and analysts alike. The club’s tweet, which can be seen below, highlights the enthusiasm surrounding this transfer:

In summary, Yanis Zouaoui’s signing with Le Havre is a promising development for both the player and the club. His track record of consistent performance and versatility on the field is expected to contribute significantly to Le Havre’s ambitions. The next season will be an exciting period for Zouaoui as he integrates into his new team and continues to showcase his skills.


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