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Young Spanish Goalkeeper Inks New Three-Year Deal with Atlético Madrid

Huelva, Spain. 17th Nov, 2023. Alejandro Iturbe (ESP) Football/Soccer : UEFA Under-21 Championship qualifying round match between U21 Spain 2-0 U21 Hungary at the Estadio Nuevo Colombino in Huelva, Spain . Credit: Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/Alamy Live News
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Young Spanish goalkeeper Alejandro Iturbe has committed to Atlético Madrid by signing a new three-year deal. The 20-year-old has chosen to stay at the club to work under his idol, Fernando Torres, reflecting the club’s full trust in his potential.

  • Alejandro Iturbe signs a new three-year contract with Atlético Madrid.
  • Iturbe’s decision influenced by his desire to work under Fernando Torres.
  • The club shows full trust in the 2003-born goalkeeper.

Alejandro Iturbe’s Commitment to Atlético Madrid

Alejandro Iturbe Encabo, born on September 2, 2003, in Madrid, Spain, has reaffirmed his commitment to Atlético Madrid by signing a new three-year contract. Standing at 1.86 meters, this 20-year-old goalkeeper has shown remarkable potential in his career so far. Since joining Atlético Madrid B in 2022, he has made substantial contributions across various competitions, including 32 appearances in the Primera Federación and 16 appearances in the UEFA Youth League.

Influence of Fernando Torres

Iturbe’s decision to stay at Atlético Madrid is driven by his desire to continue working under Fernando Torres, a legendary figure in Spanish football. Torres, who managed Iturbe in the Youth League, has now taken charge of Atlético Madrid B. This mentorship is a significant factor in Iturbe’s career development.

Fernando José Torres Sanz, born on March 20, 1984, in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain, has transitioned from a celebrated playing career to a promising managerial role. Currently managing Atlético Madrid B, Torres has been instrumental in nurturing young talents like Alejandro Iturbe. Known for his preferred 4-3-3 attacking formation, Torres has been with Atlético Madrid’s youth setups since 2021.

Mentorship and Career Development

Torres’ influence on Iturbe’s career cannot be overstated. Having managed him in the Youth League, Torres’ guidance has played a pivotal role in Iturbe’s decision to stay at the club. The young goalkeeper’s admiration for Torres adds a compelling narrative to this story, highlighting the impact of mentorship in football.

Alejandro Iturbe’s new contract is a testament to Atlético Madrid’s faith in his abilities and potential. As Iturbe continues to develop under Fernando Torres’ guidance, both the player and the manager aim to achieve greater heights with the club.

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